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This video highlights where the idea of the JUST GO! Youth & Young Adults Conference began. THIS is the SAME night at the camp where NONE of the high school kids knew what the Great Commission was!

Here is the beginning teaching of the Just Go vision!


Operation World


Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe:

At Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Vajta, Hungary, we offer a 1-year School of Missions program for those that feel called and want to get equipped for missions and ministry. We offer a 2-year associates degree and a 3-year bachelors degree in theology. Plus, our 6-week summer program called A Vision For Life.

A Vision for Life:

We have an incredible 6-week summer program called “A Vision For Life” and the student get immersed in the Word of God​, we take mission trips and wilderness trips to: Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Serbia. It is a radical program and it is an incredible way for students to get a taste of missions, get​ out of their comfort zone, make friendships to last a lifetime, take  40 days away to seek Jesus’ vision for their lives.