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The Need:

Mexico is a nation with great needs that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can meet.  The nation’s government, military and police forces are infected with corruption.  The drug lords and their organizations rob and kill and destroy.  Prostitution, drugs, alcohol and poverty hold many people captive.  Only Jesus and His gospel have the power to set these people free.  They are in great need of the life giving, changing and freeing of the gospel.


Short Term Possibilities:

CCSG Trip:

Travel a short distance across the border and experience all the differences found in any foreign country. You will be staying at the Calvary Chapel Training Center in La Gloria, Tijuana, Mexico. You will be taking part in a community outreach children’s ministries with the Centeno Najera Family. You will be engaged in many different church ministries and visitations alongside Pastor Ron Brink & the Calvary Chapel’s he pastors and oversees. You will possibly be able to travel south to San Vicente, Baja California, Mexico to be a blessing at a home for abused women and children. You will possibly travel to the remote areas in the hill country and minister to the indigenous and impoverished Indian population.

Tentative Trip Dates: July 6-18, 2015

Tentative Trip Costs: $400

 Trip Leaders: Ivan Amargo  & Nathan Lemke, Youth Pastors
Calvary Chapel St. George, Utah


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