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The Need:

Kentucky is home to Powell County, one of the top 5 poorest counties in the entire U.S. with an average annual household income of $8,000. Despite being located in the middle of the bible belt less than 8% of the small population is being reached by local churches, leaving most of the population unreached by the gospel. Because most of the residents are living in depravity it isn’t too surprising that Powell County has earned it’s place as the #1 county in the whole state for drug abuse & overdose.


Short Trip Description:

Our primary ministry in this county is working with Promise Child, a child sponsorship program, and coming alongside local churches to disciple, equip, & reach out to this hurting community. We also serve at Hope Hill Children’s Home ( & Dessie Scott Children’s Home (, 2 homes located in nearby counties that serve as live-in treatment centers for children that the state has labelled “ throw away kids” because they don’t have families or anywhere else to go. Most of the residents of both of these homes have been sexually and physically abused. We have the privilege to host special events for these kids that help them know that they are loved by us and their Creator.

Tentative Trip Dates: TBD (10 day winter trip)

Tentative Trip Costs: $1,200 (including travel, lodging, meals, and other costs)

Trip Leader: Eric Nelson, Pastor at Calvary Chapel WestGrove


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