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The Need:

Having an extreme difficultly for open sharing of the Gospel,  Hungary has forbidden witnessing in the workplace.  Many pockets of Hungary have not had exposure to the Gospel. There is a humongous need for unity in the churches and mission minded individuals to JUST GO!


Missions Trip Possibilities:

A Vision for Life Trip:

We have an incredible 6-week summer program called “A Vision For Life” and the student get immersed in the Word of God​, we take mission trips and wilderness trips to: Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Serbia. It is a radical program and it is an incredible way for students to get a taste of missions, get​ out of their comfort zone, make friendships to last a lifetime, take  40 days away to seek Jesus’ vision for their lives.
Tentative Trip Dates: 6/20/15 – 8/2/15
Trip Costs: 

  • $1300 program fee for six weeks (covers housing, meals, and transportation to/from the Budapest airport)
  • $900 outreach fees (covers housing, meals, and transportation costs)
Leader: Lisa Collins


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A Vision for Life Website

Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe:

At Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Vajta, Hungary, we offer a 1-year School of Missions program for those that feel called and want to get equipped for missions and ministry. We offer a 2-year associates degree and a 3-year bachelors degree in theology. Plus, our 6-week summer program called A Vision For Life.

Dates: Spring & Fall Semesters

Tuition Costs: $3200 (per semester)

Director: Phil Metzger

See what’s in store at the Bible teaching, Holy Spirit driven CCBCE!


Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe Website